I am driven by the practice of crafting wearable articles and bringing two-dimensional drawings to fruition by means of jewelry. Learning how to use new tools to carry out my designs intrigues me. The aide of modern technology influences my design process, as well as the obverse. My intent as an artist is to create exquisite, wearable sculptures for the body.

When I am mid-project, I resolve unforeseen issues by referring back to the original hand drawn sketches for clarity. My material selection follows the processes I employ. When I am researching for a new project, I tend to look towards printed material for inspiration.

My contemporary work is sculptural. This comes from my background as a sculptor. Working on a large scale has followed me in to jewelry making. At the moment, I am delving in to the subject of anatomical illustration translated to wearable sculpture through metal and plastic fabrication, as well as electroforming. When I look at my own finished pieces, I see the history, my original sketches, and how I have developed the idea from an illustration to figurative adornment.

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